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Downtime is seriously good for your soul.

Tweet I’m not sure how many times I pressed the snooze button this morning, but it was more than 5 and less than 20!  Ah the resistance to get up these cold, dark winter mornings is so powerful.  But up I got and to my yoga mat I went.  40 mins later moving my cranky, […]

The case for pleasure

Tweet I am on the search for more pleasure this year gorgeous one and I’m taking you with me.  I thought I would try out a daily experiment where my main purpose of each day is to make choices that bring me pleasure.  Each day I am searching for a divine YES when I’m making […]

How To Be A Woman – Declutter Your Grocery List.

Tweet Did you know its National Decluttering Week here in the UK??? So it got me thinking- along with decluttering your home this is also the perfect time to declutter your weekly shopping list…… Spring is on its way and our food choices are a-changing. Out go the stodgy foods, roots vegetables, stews and casseroles […]

Delving into my relationship with food with eatrelatelove.com

Tweet Check me out gorgeous ones!  Shelley Chapman from www.eatrelatelove.com interviewed me about my past and present relationship with food.  Make a cup of tea, take the phone of the hook and put your feet up…… Its an interesting 20 mins xxx   If you are viewing this via email – just clickity click my […]

  • Star is a truly an inspirational and unique person.  I have rarely met anyone who walks the talk. She is completely passionate about what she does and this comes across in everything she does.  I would highly recommend Star to any woman who wants to make big changes to her life.

    Wendy Jennings