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Downtime is seriously good for your soul.

Tweet I’m not sure how many times I pressed the snooze button this morning, but it was more than 5 and less than 20!  Ah the resistance to get up these cold, dark winter mornings is so powerful.  But up I got and to my yoga mat I went.  40 mins later moving my cranky, […]

The case for pleasure

Tweet I am on the search for more pleasure this year gorgeous one and I’m taking you with me.  I thought I would try out a daily experiment where my main purpose of each day is to make choices that bring me pleasure.  Each day I am searching for a divine YES when I’m making […]

How To Be A Woman – Declutter Your Grocery List.

Tweet Did you know its National Decluttering Week here in the UK??? So it got me thinking- along with decluttering your home this is also the perfect time to declutter your weekly shopping list…… Spring is on its way and our food choices are a-changing. Out go the stodgy foods, roots vegetables, stews and casseroles […]

Delving into my relationship with food with eatrelatelove.com

Tweet Check me out gorgeous ones!  Shelley Chapman from www.eatrelatelove.com interviewed me about my past and present relationship with food.  Make a cup of tea, take the phone of the hook and put your feet up…… Its an interesting 20 mins xxx   If you are viewing this via email – just clickity click my […]

  • They say to reach your full potential you should surround yourself with inspiring people.  None are more inspiring that Star.  She constantly astounds me with her wise words, her passion and zest for life. Meeting her was the best twist of fate I could ever wished for.

    Julia Waters