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    Lorraine Plumb

Rituals fit for a Goddess…..

I was teaching a couple of days ago and my client looked me straight in the eye and said…. “I love my lessons here, this is my time, this is time for me, its time out from my busy life and it just makes me happy,”, she also asked me what I do that is just for me.

4 years I radically changed my life and for many years before this point I can honestly say that I was taking no real care of myself at all, I was in self destruct mode and I kinda liked it there.  As I transitioned out of this phase I set in place 3 daily rituals that I know I could do everyday, that was 1. to get up 2. walk the dog 3. have one green juice.  These were simple self care rituals that I continued to do daily and they in turn helped me instill some great self care habits.  So fast forwarding to today I thought I would share how I take care of myself on a weekly basis.

Every day I wake up early, I walk the dog, go to the gym.  I take time to prepare my meals.  I try to write nearly every morning, I go to the hairdressers a couple of times a week to have my hair blowdryed, once a month I have a manicure and pedicure.  Every night I body brush my skin, I run a long bubbly bath and I sit in it and relax.  I read something inspirational every day.  I express my gratitude and appreciation every day and I remind myself what an absolutely beautiful, lovely woman I am every single day.

These are my rituals, these are what makes me the woman I am today.  These rituals support and help me, they guide me to being the best I can be, they inspire me and they help me grow and evolve all the time.   There is no doubt I am one wild, free spirited woman, who hates rules, regulations and being told what to do!  I understand that I could easily not look after myself and throw caution to the wind and say f*** it but I dont, I know where that would take me and Im all about looking after myself and being the best I can be, because when I am being the best I can be, then I can inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be xxxxxx

I love blogging, I really do and I am so grateful for all my readers…… So I have a special treat for you this year.  As from next week you will be receiving a weekly video blog from me – still on a Thursday.  They are pretty quick and to the point but each week you get me “in person” delivering east tips, tricks and shhhh some of my secrets on How To Be A Woman!!! XXXXX



January 25, 2012