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    Lorraine Plumb

Life + Awareness – Guilt = One happy Goddess

Guilt – a useless emotion, an emotion that sneaks up on us when we aren’t looking, an emotion that takes us on a roller coaster of a journey, an emotion that when not checked and reigned back in can overrule us and permeate every second of our gorgeous lives.

How often do you feel guilty and why do you feel guilty? My goddess mojo that I live by is “Do the best I can every day, whilst loving who I really am”.
Somedays this means that I get up, get dressed, put a smile on – even if I dont feel like it, grab a coffee, watch a little trashy tv, eat some chocolate and just mosey on through my day and somedays this means that I spring out of bed, slide into my trainers, whizz round the park, pump some heavy weights, eat healthful, gorgeous food that Ive prepared, be a dynamo in the office and a goddess whilst teaching.

Im a high achiever, every day I want to conquer the world, I want to cross off all the items off my to do list, I want to end the day feeling euphoric that I have done the best I can.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in achieving that I forget to live,  to fully appreciate each moment of my day.  I forget to be grateful and I forgot just to be.   Im all about being aware, being aware in my mind, my body and my soul and sometimes things happen, that are way out of my control that remind me to slow down, relax, breath and to just be.

Take for instance this past month – Ive been training super hard, eating great and working hard in and on my business.  My body started to ache about 2 weeks ago and I started to feel tired but I carried on regardless thinking that this would pass, then last week I got toothache and this week it got worse and a quick trip to the dentist and one of my wisdom teeth was whipped out resulting in me being floored, out for the count, enough is enough this Goddess needed her rest!  and rest I did, Ive slept, chilled out, taken time out from the gym, eaten what I wanted, when I wanted.  That sneaky guilty feeling kept trying to edge its way into my day and life but I gave it the goddess heave ho and you know what?  I feel good, I love me and Im on the mend, my body feels ok, Im looking less hamster like from the tooth extraction and Im ready to go back into my life at a gentler goddess pace.

Sometimes we just need a rest, we just need some time out from our daily routine to stop and smell the roses and we need to do this without that five letter word called guilt.  Life carries on regardless whether we are in it or out of it so its all about my Goddess formula…… Life + Awareness – Guilt = One happy Goddess.  Try it and see if it works for you xxxxxx



September 24, 2010