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  • “Star is an amazing and inspiring lady, with boundless positive energy. She is totally committed and passionate about getting women to accept and celebrate themselves for who they truly are what ever stage of their life….”

    Lorraine Plumb

This weeks round up of all things pleasurable

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Sensual Dance with Star

You were wild once ……. Don’t let them tame you. Isadora Duncan.

I’ve been wondering if you would like to explore and discover your body in a whole different way.

I’ve got a yearning to start to teaching sensual dance again (I stopped abruptly about 5 years ago – that’s a story for another time) and I have a beautiful idea to align sensual dance with each of our 7 chakras.

Think slow, sensual, touch, erotic, exotic, explore, expand, circle, reach, floorwork, freedom, breathwork, spiral, let go, surrender, feeling, emotions.

My inspiration is drawn from burlesque, flamenco, belly dance, tantra, goddess ancient rituals, yoga, pole, NIA and sooooo much more x

If this excites you even a teeny tiny little bit, then let me via email and Ill tell you more.

Sensual Dance with Star in Maidstone (Monday nights). 7 divine weekly sessions designed to blow your mind and experience your body like never before.

I just love Humans of New York.

Basically this guy roams New York and takes random photos of people and mini interviews them.  This one was brilliant!!!!!!

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“We’re eye doctors.”
“What’s something about the eye that most people don’t realize?”
“The eye doesn’t see. The brain sees. The eye just transmits. So what we see isn’t only determined by what comes through the eyes. What we see is affected by our memories, our feelings, and by what we’ve seen before.”

Check Humans of New York out on facebook for never ending inspiration!!!

I cannot recommend The Institute for the Psychology of Eating high enough!!!! I completed my coaching certification with them this year and Marc David Ipe’s teaching TRANSFORMED the way I look, eat and relate to food.

There are no quick fixes or vast promises.

Marc (and I) teach you how to create a SUSTAINABLE relationship with food and eating.It’s radically different, more aligned with the feminine (less number crunching, push, push, push MORE embodiment, pleasure and s-l-o-w eating).

The Institute has their 2nd annual conference coming up in July where they have over 45 kick ass speakers sharing their truths and wisdom about food/eating (and so much more). Free to sign up, FREE to listen to unless you fancy upgrading and buying the whole lot for $89!

Deets right here gorgeous one!!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this!!!!



June 11, 2014