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  • After working with Star for 3 months I can honestly say I find her techniques second to none. Star is a motivator and demands results and commitment which you want to give her. I love my new body and life!

    Sam Mabb

The power of rituals & journalling.

When my life is out of balance, it is normally because I have let my good habits (rituals) start to slip!

You know the feeling……

It starts off with one little thing; you may press that snooze button a couple more times than usual or you may eat that yummy chocolate bar/cake/macaroon when you are not particularly hungry and within days your beautiful daily habits have flown out the window and you are wondering why you can’t stop eating sugar and watching trash TV!!

Well Ms Thing I have certainly been here (many times) and it is becoming one of my lifes’ lessons to recognise this pattern with compassion.  If I shout at myself it doesn’t make the process any easier and I just feel worse.

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Creating and establishing rituals has been a BIG part of my journey from destructive to dazzling and Thursday 3rd April I am running a complimentary webinar where I will dive deep in the practice of setting rituals and why it is so important.

I also thought I’d share my experience with journalling as I’ve been journalling on and off for 6 years now and feel that recently I’ve dropped into another place with this process.

All in all this will be an hour of inspirational wisdom that you can apply to your life straight away.

I really look forward to seeing you on the call and if you can not make it, don’t worry, sign up and the replay will be available for your viewing pleasure at your leisure icon smile The power of rituals & journalling.

Sign up here to join my next fabulous (free) webinar this Thursday 3rd April at 8pm (GMT).


April 2, 2014